About Us

Located in Van Wert, Ohio, Elmco Industrial Services has been providing a wide array of industrial and commercial services since 1998. Over the years, the family owned and operated company has continued to grow and expand with the addition of millwright services in 2003.

Elmco Industrial Services is a small-town company with a worldwide reach. In addition to servicing companies across the United States, Elmco Industrial Services employees are also dispatched to customers around the world, including China, Honduras, Canada, Mexico and England.

More than 70 individuals with proven experience and expertise in the industry are employed at Elmco Industrial Services. Our family has many years of field tested experience. This commitment to excellence in industrial, commercial and millwright services has allowed the company to expand to include a 30,0000-square foot, high bay fabrication and machine shop that houses state-of-the-art equipment for equipment assembly, fabrication and machine shop projects. This, in addition to offering 24-7 emergency services on-site or in-house make Elmco Industrial Services a leading expert in industrial and commercial services.

To learn more about Elmco Industrial Services facilities and services, contact us.

Elmco Industrial Services is MSHA and OSHA certified. Below is a comprehensive list of our equipment.


  • Trump (2) *X=40” *Y=18” Z=18” *KNEE
  • Lagun *X=40” *Y=18” Z=18” *KNEE
  • Lagun CNC 2 Axis *Y=13” Z=16” *KNEE
  • Clausing CNC 3 Axis *X=40” *Y=18” *Z=18”

* Indicates Power feed or CNC Controlled Axis


  • Taft-Peirce   X=10” Y=6” Z=12”
  • Chevalier X=12” Y=6” Z=14”
  • Kent X=24” Y=12” Z=12”
  • Thompson   X=96” Y=36” Z=29”


  • Willis: 13” X 40”
  • Clausing Coldchester: 15” X 50” (23” GAP)
  • Lodge Shiply: 16” X 72”
  • Tarnow: 20” X 96” (29” GAP)
  • US Industrial: 24” X 150” (38” GAP)
  • Chevalier CNC: 24” X 80”

Boring Mill

  • HAAS EC-1600 YZT CNC: X=64” Y=50” Z=40”
    • A=30” diameter rotary table 360-degree rotation

Plasma Cutter

  • Lincoln Torchmate Table 5′ X 10′
    • 1” Thickness Plasma Capacity
    • 4” Thickness Torch Capacity
  • Hypertherm Powermax 900 Plasma Cutter (2)


  • Do All Broken Arm Drill Press
  • Fosdick Drill Press
  • Delta Industrial Drill Press

Welding Equipment

  • Miller Dimension 432 (wire welder A/C)
  • Miller Maxstar 200 (tig and stick A/C)
  • Miller Trail Blazer (portable, wire welder with generator)
  • Clark Rubo Weld 185 E
  • Miller Trail Blazer (portable, wire welder with generator)
  • Hobart Tigwave 250 (tig welder)
  • Miller 350 (aluminum gmaw welder)
  • Lincoln Idealarc DC-400 (gmaw welder) (4)
  • Bugo Torch Track 16 Ft (6” thickness capability)
  • AWS Certified Welding Spec D1.1

Saws & Cutoffs

  • Wells 1316 Swivel Horizontal Band Saw
  • Wells 1316 Swivel SA Horizontal Band Saw
  • Powermatic Vertical Band Saw
  • Sever-All Chop Saw
  • Kalamazoo Belt\Disk Sander Combination

Quality Control

  • Numerous instruments for gauging and measuring

Lift Trucks

  • Hyster: 5,000 lbs.
  • Hyster: 6,000 lbs.
  • Yale: 8,000 lbs.
  • Caterpillar: 12,500 lbs.
  • Hyster: 15,000 lbs.
  • Hyster: 22,000 lbs.

Man Lifts

  • Sky Jack Scissor Lift: 19 ft. (electric)
  • Sky Jack Scissors Lift: 20 ft. (electric)

Service Vehicles

  • 20 service vehicles various makes and models


  • Dual Axle 12,500 lbs. 16 ½ ft.
  • Dual Axle 12,500 lbs. 15 ft.
  • Dual Axle Enclosed 12,500
  • Dual Axle 8,000 lbs. 12 ft. with beavertail drop end
  • Dual Axle Enclosed 14,000 lbs.
  • Dual Axle Goose Neck 24,000 lbs. with 25 ft. adjustable dove tail (15,000 lb. wench) (2)

Presses & Sheers

  • Dake 75-Ton Hydraulic Press
  • Edward 55-Ton Iron Worker
  • Hand Arbor Presses
  • National 10’ Brake Press
  • 8’ X 3/16 Shear
  • 6’ X ¼” Pinch Plate Roll
  • Flagler and other various sheet metal tools
  • US Industrial 13’ X 155-Ton Hydraulic Break
  • Baileigh Tubing Roller


  • Mag Mate Demagnetizer
  • Elmatco Degaussatron II Demagnetizer with 500 ft. Cable
  • Wrap Capacity
  • 10 Ton Bohl Bridge Crane
  • AM Industrial HYD Tube Bender

Electrical Panel Building Equipment

  • Various meters and instruments for building controllers
  • Various computer and software for programming computerized controllers
  • Hand and portable tools too numerous to list.

To learn more about Elmco Industrial Services facilities and services, contact us.